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Welcome Estates kondigt aan...


Welcome Estates announces...




WELKOM ESTATES ZUID-SPANJE S.L. € 2.000,- betalen 

bij elke nieuwbouwintroductie die leidt tot een verkoop van een onroerend goed.


on any New Build property introductions that lead to a sale on a property.

Heb je een vriend, familielid, klant of collega? op zoek naar een woning in Spanje kopen?

Do you have a friend, relative, client or colleague

looking to buy a property in Spain?

Stuur ze nu door om geld te verdienen!

Refer them to us now and make some money! 


Customer Testimonial

​”Ik kon niet geloven hoe makkelijk het was om €2,000 op een nieuwbouw te verdienen, door alleen maar aan mijn vrienden te denken.

‘I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make €2,000

on a new build, just by thinking about my friends.


Mijn vrienden sturen nu zelf mensen door en maken gebruik van deze mogelijkheid.’

My friends are now also introducers who are enjoying

the benefits of this scheme.’

                                                                    (A.Barham Maart 2018)


Vul A.U.B. dit formulier in met uw gegevens.

Als u een vriend wilt doorverwijzen om een ​​woning te kopen.

Please fill in the form below with your details.

If you wish to refer a friend to purchase a property.

Thanks for submitting!

Thanks for submitting!

Lagos 149,000.jpg

Nieuwbouw Apartment - La Finca Golf
149.000€ - u verdient 2,000€

New Build Apartment - La Finca Golf
€149,000 - cash back to you €2,000

Eua 275000.jpg

Nieuwbouw Villa - La Finca Golf
275.000€ - u verdient 2,000€

New Build Villa - La Finca Golf
€275,000 - cash back to you €2,000

7004 Daya Nueva 217,000.jpg

Nieuwbouw Villa - Daya Nueva Villa

217.000€ - u verdient 2,000€

New Build Villa - Daya Nueva Villa

€217,000 - cash back to you €2,000

9117 Guardamar del Segura apartment  220

Nieuwbouw Apartment - Guardamar

220.000€ - u verdient 2,000€

New Build Apartment - Guardamar

€220,000 - cash back to you €2,000


Nieuwbouw Villa - Finestrat Benidorm
549.000€ - u verdient 2.000€

New Build Villa - Finestrat Benidorm
€549,000 - cash back to you €2,000

Welcome Estates Terms and Conditions - Refer a friend scheme

  1. Welcome Estates Southern S.L will pay €2,000 on any New Build property introductions that lead to a sale on a property.

  2. Please note on any collaboration sales the commission rates is 50% reduced.

  3. The buyer can be the introducer. The buyer simply introduces themselves on the very same form, they simply fill in their own details twice, one as the introducer and one as the potential client.

  4. Payments will be made once Welcome Estates are in receipt of monies from vendor.

  5. Personal tax declarations remain the responsibility of the introducer.

  6. The parties hereto renounce to their own jurisdiction and expressly submit to the courts of Orihuela, for any issues arising from performance, resolution or the interpretation of this contract.

  7. To participate in this promotion, Welcome Estates Southern Spain will require a copy of your passport and national insurance number as proof of identity.

  8. All prices stated above are starting prices for these properties - sale prices may differ for the buyers individual specifications.

  9. To qualify the client or potential client must not be known to Welcome Estates already. 

  10. A person already on Welcome Estates Data Base does not qualify.

  11. Claims can only be made by filling in the refer a friend scheme application form on this promoter landing page & prior to any viewing. 

  12. Claims must be made prior to any negotiations.

  13. Residents of La Finca purchasing themselves from Welcome Estates do not qualify as they are already known to us.

  14. Family and Friends of La Finca Residents DO qualify as they are not already known to us.

  15. THE REFER A FRIEND SCHEME IS AIMED at new introductions only.

  16. ​In the event of a dispute the decision of Welcome Estates Representation is final.

  17. The scheme has a maximum payout of €2,000 per New Build property sale.

  18. Not combined with any other offer.

The promotion will be subject to currency fluctuation and international bank charges.

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